Resco Bubbles

Resco Bubbles (S60 3rd) 1.31

Keep a steady hand to pop the bubbles


  • Fun and challenging to play
  • Nice graphics and sounds


  • Gets a bit repetitive

Very good

I'm always impressed by the creative ways in which developers utilize the accelerometer feature inside the Nokia 95 device. Resco Bubbles is one of those motion-sensitive games that really shines.

Your objective in resco Bubbles is to pop all of the bubbles that are spread across the screen by rolling a marble. That might sound easy, but the catch is that these bubbles are numbered and you need to burst them in order.

To make the game even more interesting, Resco Bubbles is played across a range of different surfaces, such as wood, carpet, and linolium. The movement and response of the ball differs depending on the terrain.

Resco Bubbles is played by tilting your phone up and down and side to side to move the ball around. You'll need to enter the calibration menu before you start for premium accuracy, but this is fairly straightforward to do.

The game is great fun to play and requires lots of dexterity, although it does get a little repetitive with just five levels, so it might be worth upgrading to the full version. Graphically, Resco Bubbles looks nice, with smooth animation and realistic bubble-popping sound effects, although perhaps the addition of a musical soundtrack would've lifted the game a bit.

Overall though, Resco Bubbles is one of the more appealing accelerometer-based games.

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Resco Bubbles


Resco Bubbles (S60 3rd) 1.31

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